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Over the years I’ve participated in many fun and challenging projects.  Below you can find samples of my work and some collaborations.  Enjoy our Audio. Video. Mixes.

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My Mixes

Short Film

Silencio Film Trailer


Robb S Garcia Director

Silencio is a psychological drama that explores the dismantling of one man’s seemingly happy family.

Another great project where I was able to do some acting… lol.  They still aren’t giving me lines, but it’s always fun working with Jesse Borrego.

Lost and Found Short Film

Lost and Found

Robb S Garcia Director

“Lost and Found” is the story of Anthony, a shy young man who falls in love with a quirky young girl.

This was a project done for the 48 hour film festival.  This was shot and edited in 48 hours.  Stressful but the end result was pretty good…  


Tomorrow We Play Short Film

Tomorrow We Play

Robb S Garcia Director

Strange things happen and people get hurt when this pre-teen is around.

I really enjoyed putting the audio together with my son on this one.  In the opening, distorting the bell tones to add dissonance makes it feel creepy and ominous. 





What our clients think….

“He was the dj for my daughters quince 2 weeks ago. Hes very professional and very organized… more than i was 🙂
The dance floor was never empty. That night and till this day i have people asking me how they can book him for thier events. Definitely would have him again. Highly recommend!!!”

– Rachel Lopez