Brian & Dalia
La Guerra Wedding


Date:  Friday.  May 13, 2022

Time:  2:00pm – 12:00pm, adding ceremony PA

Venue:  San Francisco Steak House
Venue Address:  10223 Sahara Dr, San Antonio, TX 78216
Venue Contact:  

Colors: Navy Blue, mustard yellow
Theme: None

Event Schedule

11:00 am

Reception Venue Opens.

Dj Arrives for Setup.

1:30 pm

Setup for ceremony. Location: Brackenridge Golf Course

  • Mic for officient
  • Audio for ceremony

2:00 PM

Ceremony Begins

  • Start background music for guest.
  • Mixed genre, Dj picks

2:30 PM

Ceremony Procession


Ceremony Recession

5:30 pm

Reception Area Opens

  • Guest Arrive at San Francisco Steak House.
  • Start background music. Genre: MoTown

6:30 PM

Grand Entrance

Court Entrance

  • Christina Lozano – Scott Morana
    Song: Bring Em Out (TI) 
  • Juliet Cortez – Sergio Avila (Julieta)
    Song: Up Town Funkng Em Out (Bruno Mars 
  • Mr & Mrs Rolando & Crystal Gonzales
    Song: Everybody (Back Street Boys) 
  • Stephanie Manjarrez – James Clarie
    Song: Halftime (Yin Yang Twins) 
  • Matron (Gentleman) of Honor & Best Man
    John Manjarres & Carlos Garcia
    Song: Pour Some Sugaring Em Out (Def Leopard) 


Bride & Groom
Mr & Mrs Brian & Dalia La Guerra
song: Thunderstuck (AC/DC)


7:30 PM

Special Dances

First Dance

Brian & Dalia La Guerra

Father / Daughter Dance

Daniel Manjarrez & Dalia

  • Song:  Butterfly kisses (Bob Carlisle) 

Mother / Son Dance

Anna La Guerra & Brian

  • Song:  Mama (Boys II Men)
    Emma will dance in place of mom.

7:40 PM



Cake Cutting

  • Allow a few minutes to cut the cake.


7:50 PM

Open Dancing


9:30 PM

Garter Bouquet Toss


Dollar Dance


11:55 PM

Last song


12:00 AM

Grand Exit

Tear Down

Additional Notes

  • Photobooth, no props