Alyssa Holguin

Date:  Saturday.  December 4, 2021

Time:  8pm – 12am

Venue:  Liz’s Events Reception Hall
Venue Address:  2823 Hillcrest Dr, San Antonio, TX 78201
Venue Contact:  Liz

Theme: None

Colors: Navy Blue & Champagne Gold
School: Stevens

Event Schedule


3:30 Pm

Hall Opens, Dj Arrives for Setup.

5:00 pm

Guest Arrive to Reception Hall

6:00 PM


  • Blessing of the meal: 
  • Dinner starts.
  • Start playing slideshow.
  • Mariachi starts.

7:00 PM

Background Music

  • Mariachi ends.
  • Play background music.  Songs:  Mixed genre.
  • Stage for the March and Coronation.

7:.00 PM


    1. Alyssa Nicole Guerra   escorted by   Ivan Mata
    2. Isabella Mejia   escorted by   Louie Vega
    3. Brianna Hinojosa   escorted by   Racy Hernandez
    4. Alezey Holguin   escorted by   Angel Torres
    5. Peyton Hui   escorted by   Aaron Arriaga
    6. Chelsea Casias   escorted by   Nick Herrera

Honor Escort/Chambelan:  Isaac Luna


Escorted by her Parents:
Mr & Mrs Domingo Holguin & Maria Ramirez

 Song:  Strong (Instrumental Version), start at :54 – <<<<. Click to Listen

Alyssa Holguin




  • Jewelry – Martha & Albert Ramirez
  • Last Doll – Domingo Jr & Jacob Holguin
  • Shoes – Alexis Holguin




Special Dances

Alyssa & Maria Ramirez


  • Father/ Daughter Silhouette Dance
    1. Behind Silhouette screen, song:  No Crezcas Mas (Tercer Cielo)  – <<<< CLICK TO LISTEN
    2. Walk out after holding girls, will announce Alyssa & Domingo Holguin.  
    3. When you come out, walk to center of the floor…  Stop and dance on the WHITE X.
    4. Start the next song when you get the center.  song: Father Daughter Dance Routine.
    Song: Father Daughter Routine <<<< CLICK TO LISTEN
           – Sangre De Mi Cuerpo (Pepe Agular).   0:50-2:30
           – Turn My Swag On (Soulja Boy)   0:00-0:28
           – Hit The Quan (ILoveMemphis).   0:57-1:22
           – Walk It Out (Unk).  0:26-1:06 

Alyssa & domingo Holguin


Alyssa & Javier Holguin




  •  Announce all sponsors to head table.


Cake Cutting

  • Leave lights on, announce.
  • Play background music.
  • Sing Happy Birthday.


Start the Dance


9:15 PM

Surprise Dance


money train

12:00 AM

Guest Depart

12:10 AM

Tear Down


Additional Notes